Bobby Shmurda’s Trial Pushed Back To Next Year

Fate hasn’t been kind to “Hot N*gga” artist Bobby Shmurda since his arrest on December 17, 2014 in a drug ring/murder case. The New York Post that after having his court moved multiple times, his most recent trial was set for today (October 5), and unfortunately, judge James Burke moved the trial yet again, this time to February 22.

Alex Spiro, Shmurda’s lawyer, attempted to convince the judge to release Shmurda from prison instead of spending an extra three months behind bars, but Special Narcotics Prosecutor Nigel Farinah used Shmurda’s net worth of $500,000 to argue that the case against him is growing stronger.

We’ll see what happens when Shmurda comes back to trial next year.

Got the drop on WatchLoud . . .

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