Bobby Shmurda’s Phone Call Disconnected As He Speaks To Hot 97 From Riker’s Island

Bobby talked about a recent incident him and Rowdy Rebel got into inside of jail and denied anything that had happened in the studio the day the cops raided, and before he could elaborate any further about how the NYPD had it out for him, the jail cut the phone off.

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Bobby Shmurda Upset With His Record Label

In the two months that Ackquille Pollard, better known as the Brooklyn rapper Bobby Shmurda, has sat in jail on gang conspiracy and gun charges, his mother has visited twice a week. His hip-hop idols have offered words of support.

But Mr. Pollard says that he hasn’t heard what he wants from his label, Epic Records — namely a firm reassurance of its backing and help making his $2 million bail: “When I got locked up, I thought they were going to come for me,” he said in an interview from the Manhattan Detention Complex, “but they never came.”

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Bobby Shmurda Coming Home

Bobby Shmurda has enlisted the services of “celebrity bail bondsman” Ira Judelson to cover his $2 million bail, according to a report from Bossip which was later confirmed by Complex. Shmurda’s attorney Kenneth J. Montgomery said the bail had been paid, but the government will need to investigate the funds to be sure they are from a legitimate source before he can be released. If all goes well, Bobby could be back on the streets as early as next week. He’s been in custody since mid-December when the NYPD executed warrants on him and numerous members of his GS9 crew for drug, weapons and murder charges. Several of his co-defendants were reportedly denied bail at a hearing yesterday.

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