Bobby Shmurda Denied Bail For The Seventh Time

Bobby Shmurda and his various co-defendants, including GS9′s Rowdy Rebel, appeared in a Manhattan crimimal courtroom today and were once again denied any relief on bail for a seventh straight time. Attorneys for Bobby argued that the $2 million bond for their client is not reasonable and is based on an inaccurate estimate of his net worth that suggests he’s sitting on $20 million in assets. His lawyer Alex Spiro says it’s closer to about $427K and has pledged to continue his efforts to get the bond reduced and Shmurda out of custody.

At the beginning of December, a bail package put together by friends and associates, which included collateral, was denied by the presiding judge. Earlier this month, Shmurda’s legal team raised questions about the integrity of the NYPD officers involved in his arrest. Barring any further delays, Shmurda’s trial on various weapons and drug charges will begin on February 22nd.

Got the drop on Nah Right . . .

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