Timbaland’s “First Take” Appearance Doesn’t Go As Planned

First things first: ESPN’s First Take absolutely sucks. The show is spearheaded by two loudmouths – one a faux-righteous apologist, the other the sports equivalent of a WWE heel – who rarely, if ever, talk about anything of significant substance outside of Skip Bayless’ unrelenting stannery of the Dallas Cowboys/San Antonio Spurs/New England Patriots (I will say, though, that I do respect his unwavering allegiance to those teams). Their conversations on various topics tend to ultimately dissolve into shouting matches. And both Skip and Stephen love rubbing their unfounded opinions, on everything from today’s racial climate down to the weather, in each others’ faces.

Every now and then, a special guest will stop by the show to try to give their thoughts on various sports- and entertainment-related topics… and usually end up being talked over by Skip and/or Stephen. This time around Timbaland stopped by the show, where he would try to talk about his role on FOX’ hit television show Empire, the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony and more.

Got the drop on 2DBZ . . .

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