Fans Willing To Sell Their Kidneys To Lamar Odom

I hear the business of selling kidneys is big.

Lamar Odom may need a kidney transplant after damaging his organs after overdosing at a brothel. TMZhas gathered up some fans who are willing donate their kidneys Odom, while others are willing to sell.

Some people have gone as far as sending blood type info and contact numbers. For example, one guy wrote, “I don’t just say stuff. If Lamar needs a kidney Im willing to donate.”

Some fans are generous … for a price. One guy wrote, “Lamar Odom needs a kidney. I will sell him one of mine for $25k.” Another guy upped the ante, setting the price at $100k.

I hope Lamar makes a full recovery, but I am not selling or giving my kidney up.

Got the drop on BSO . . .

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