Tim Duncan Receives “Tim Duncan Day” In San Antonio

July 21 is now officially known as Tim Duncan Day in San Antonio. Mayor Ivy Taylor announced the news on Monday and a banner is ready to hang at City Hall. Fans are being told to wear Spurs gear and anything Tim Duncan-related to the commemoration.

“Tim may not be comfortable will all the attention, but I do think he deserves it.” Taylor said to reporters. “Besides being one of the greatest players of all time, he’s also an outstanding role model. He taught us how to work hard, win and remain humble.”

Duncan was a team leader on a Spurs team that went to five championships and 19 playoff berths in 19 seasons, retiring as one of the greatest big men in NBA history.

Tim Duncan, a consummate professional in every way, was never one to be flashy or loud. Even throughout his illustrious career he was never the type to pound his chest or flex after baskets. Instead Duncan was the quiet assassin, a calm and collected superstar. Duncan wasn’t a regular superstar either, in fact in many ways he was the opposite of the stereotype. He took pay cuts to make room on the Spurs for young talent and even stepped back on his leadership role to allow Tony Parker to emerge. Whatever it took to make the Spurs better, Duncan did it.

For such an irregular superstar to finally get his just due is beautiful to say the least. However, even with all this much due praise from a city he has been loyal to like no other, many may be unsure whether or not he will show up to his own commemoration. After all, this is the same Duncan who didn’t attend his own press conference. The humble giant probably will much rather spend his time enjoying his day however he pleases, and who can be mad? Duncan has deserved that.

The understated superstar came into this league his own way, played his own way, and he will surely leave his own way. The NBA, players, and fans alike will surely miss Timmy. As far as the actual celebrations, a few firefighters spelled out a special message for “The Big Fundamental” in City Hall:

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