Saudi Prince Threatened The Hire Help’s Life

A Saudi prince who authorities recently declined to charge with sexual assault in California spent three days in a booze- and drug-fueled state partying and threatening to kill his hired help, according to an amended complaint filed on Thursday by three women.

The complaint, obtained by PEOPLE, accuses Majed Abdulaziz Al-Saud, 28, of assault and battery, false imprisonment and sexual harassment.

Al-Saud was arrested on September 23 at a sprawling 22,000-square-foot rental estate in the gated Beverly Glen community after cops responded to a 911 call. He was detained on suspicion of false imprisonment, sexual assault and battery on a woman, and was later booked on suspicion of forced oral copulation of an adult.

But, on Monday, prosecutors declined to file charges against Al-Saud, citing insufficient evidence and the fact that two of Al-Saud’s four accusers refused to cooperate. He still faces a misdemeanor as the Los Angeles city attorney’s office reviews the case.

Two days after Al-Saud’s arrest, three women filed a civil lawsuit against him. On Thursday, Van Frish, the attorney for the women filed an amended complaint.

The suit alleges that at parties over three days Al-Saud engaged in heavy drinking and cocaine use and that he arranged for escorts to come to the mansion.

“He was on a binge,” Frish tells PEOPLE. “As the days progressed he kept drinking more and doing more drugs and he just turned into an animal, and it all culminated on the morning of the 23rd when he went off on everyone.”

Frish says the women, who he described as Russian and Ukranian and in their 30s, “were supposed to be around him 24 hours a day. Clean his ashtray, make him drinks, bring him food, towels, pillows whatever he wanted.”

On September 22, Al-Saud allegedly grabbed one of the women and insisted she stay with him at all times. “Tomorrow I will have a party with you and you will do everything I want, otherwise I will kill you,” he said, according to the suit.

The same night, the suit alleges, Al-Saud jumped on another woman in the dining room and “started rubbing his body against her body in a sexual and aggressive manner.”

When asked to stop, he allegedly replied: “I am a prince and I do what I want! You are nobody!”

Al-Saud allegedly kicked the same woman “violently above the knee while maintaining his grip on her arm,” the suit claims. “This violent attack left Al-Saud’s nail marks on her wrist and bruises on her thigh,” the suit alleges.

According to the lawsuit, Al-Saud forced two of the women to watch a man engage in a sex act with him on September 23. Later that day, police were called to the mansion, and officers arrested the prince.

“While waiting outside, plaintiffs saw [one woman] and another female with bruises and blood on their face and body,” the suit claims.

Frish tells PEOPLE: “He did wrong and somebody has to make him pay for that. You don’t treat employees that way.”

Al-Saud’s attorney, Alan Jackson, says the allegations against his client are “fictitious” and “false.”

“I would think it would be a significant blow to the accusers that the DA’s office determined there was insufficient evidence to file criminal charges,” Jackson tells PEOPLE. “Now it puts them in desperation mode to make salacious and outlandish allegations to further their ultimate goal, which is a money play.”

The suit, says Jackson, is “a shakedown pure and simple.”

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