NYC Has Impounded 500 Cars For Taking Illegal Fares

The NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission limits drivers of black cars and livery cars to pre-arranged trips. They’re not allowed to compete with taxis for spontaneous street pickups. But that’s apparently what 496 drivers did between late April and this week, and they had their cars seized for their trouble.

Uber officially prohibits its drivers from picking up random street fares, but it also doesn’t pay for or own the cars its alleged non-employees drive. If those drivers start using their vehicles to make some money on the side, they bear all the risk themselves.

There were 14,000 Uber cars registered in NYC as of earlier this year, which is technically higher than the number of yellow cabs on the road, but Uber doesn’t even come close to cabs when it comes to ride volume or hours driven.

One theory about the uptick in illegal fares, put forth by the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, is that Uber alone isn’t enough for a driver to get by in NYC.

“If you’re willing to risk breaking the law, you have to be willing to lose your car,” taxi federation president Fernando Mateo told the Post, “I would recommend, go back to the basics. Everyone has an app. You can’t make a living with just the Uber application.”

Got the drop at Gawker . . .

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