Uber Tried To Charge $12,000 For A Ride

Gothamist reports on the harrowing tale of a woman who got in an Uber and took the “car ride from Hell” to get from Williamsburg to Midtown East, after which she had to dispute a $12,000 bill for her trouble. Sure, surge pricing was in effect, but she didn’t know it was going to beplatinum surge pricing.

Jaime Hessel told Gothamist her trouble started when her Uber driver “just sat there for a little bit. Maybe for five minutes or so,” at the beginning of the ride. His behavior allegedly grew more suspect as her ride continued: he repeatedly missed a turn, then ended up reversing down the BQE onramp, cutting across lanes in the process.

Instead of bailing, she let him take her all the way to Manhattan—she had a charity bar crawl to get to, and the sunk cost fallacy exists—but contacted Uber to complain about how long her ride took and how scary it was.

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