Lyft Ups The Ante! Uber Step Aside For A Minute.

The on-demand car service app rivalry continues!

Not too long ago, Uber announced its first-ever UberYACHT event, which allowed customers in Dubai to request a yacht for a limited time. Shortly after, Uber released a series of new features including Family Profiles and Trip Tracker.

At that point, I figured Uber had won – until now.

According to Mashable, Uber’s arch-nemesis, Lyft, just introduced a new feature that allows users to pre-schedule their rides up to 24 hours in advance.

Sure, these apps cater more toward the on-demand market but who’s to say you shouldn’t be able to preplan your trips despite not needing one right now?!

But, in order to request a ride 24 hours ahead of time using Lyft, riders will have to pay more.

Lyft drivers will need to make themselves available for pre-scheduled rides, which may sound like a hassle but a higher price point on these special rides will likely encourage drivers to accept them.

As of now, the feature is only available to users within the San Francisco area, however, we’re sure Lyft will deem it incredibly useful to the rest of its users throughout the country once it is done testing different price points that work for both the driver and the rider.

The best part? Lyft makes ride scheduling really easy to use.

Got the drop on Elite Daily . . .

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