NYPD Captures A Coyote In The City

Richard Pichardo says he was on his way his way to work when he noticed a commotion along 9th Avenue near 28th Street.

“When I first got here, I was curious just like everybody else, and I asked what was it,” he said. “When they told me a coyote, I figured it was just a small one.”

But when he pulled out his cell phone to capture the chase, the animal he saw was anything but small.

“When I caught a good video and I seen the size of him, was large, 60 maybe 70 pounds,” he said. “And if he was standing up, he would be taller than me.”

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NYC Officials Remove Edward Snowden Statue From One Of It’s Parks

“We feel that Snowden’s actions really continue that story,” said the artists. “It is built upon a set of ideals to live freely, not be confined or surveilled or monitored by your government. You can’t have freedom of expression to pursue liberty if you feel like you’re doing it under a watchful eye.”

While others have created Snowden statues before, they’ve primarily been mobile installations. The sculpture that stood in Fort Greene Park was meant to be permanent. The artists had hoped the city would have considering leaving the sculpture where it was, but they were prepared for the inevitable.

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Fabolous x Ewing 33 High Collaboration


Not even the cold conditions of rain could stop a line of eager fans from waiting a block around Tribeca’s Sounds of Brazil for today’s Packer Shoes x Ewing 33 High “Fame and War” release. It was hard to figure out what these people were more excited for – the shoesor a chance to meet the two NYC rappers that the Teaneck, New Jersey shop sought out to help rework the 33 Hi silhouette. It was a strange sight; SOBs has transformed itself into a go-to hip-hop venue in New York City, but today was home to an exclusive sneaker release on this less-than-ideal dreary Thursday afternoon. The whole event had the feeling of a DIY start-up. Packer’s own Mike Packer lingered through the crowd and personally handed out pairs of the limited release in-between juggling what looked like a million tasks at once, and his relationship with Fabolous has been based solely on the product found in his shops; with a keen eye for interesting collaborations, it isn’t hard to see why Fabolous is a repeat customer.

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