Fabolous x Ewing 33 High Collaboration


Not even the cold conditions of rain could stop a line of eager fans from waiting a block around Tribeca’s Sounds of Brazil for today’s Packer Shoes x Ewing 33 High “Fame and War” release. It was hard to figure out what these people were more excited for – the shoesor a chance to meet the two NYC rappers that the Teaneck, New Jersey shop sought out to help rework the 33 Hi silhouette. It was a strange sight; SOBs has transformed itself into a go-to hip-hop venue in New York City, but today was home to an exclusive sneaker release on this less-than-ideal dreary Thursday afternoon. The whole event had the feeling of a DIY start-up. Packer’s own Mike Packer lingered through the crowd and personally handed out pairs of the limited release in-between juggling what looked like a million tasks at once, and his relationship with Fabolous has been based solely on the product found in his shops; with a keen eye for interesting collaborations, it isn’t hard to see why Fabolous is a repeat customer.

Want to know more? Got the drop at Sneaker News . . .

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