The “Yeethoven” Orchestra Mashes Up Yeezy and Beethoven

Separated by two centuries of history, the music of Beethoven and Kanye West couldn’t seem more at odds with each other. However, the pioneering minds of Yuga Cohler and Stephen Feigenbaum of LA’s Young Musicians Foundation have, against all logic, decided to pair the rapper with the iconic classical composer for the organization’s Great Music Series.

In the process, the concert, called ‘Yeethoven,’ will aim to uncover parallels between Beethoven’s orchestral arrangements and Kanye’s hits in Yeezus. On their surprising similarities, Cohler identifies a ”brashness creating wild contrast, thrashing juxtapositions within a single bar of music,” and that both musicians have a “willingness to ruthlessly abandon tradition, and their influence on that larger culture can’t be overstated.”

Set to be performed live and for free by a 70-piece orchestra on April 16 at the Los Angeles Japanese American Cultural & Community Center, lovers of both genres can find more information online here.

Got the drop on Hypebeast . . .

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