Snapchat’s New Update Allows You to Facetime

Instagram isn’t the only social media app rolling out new features, Snapchat also just delivered multiple upgrades. First of all is Chat 2.0, which allows users to — for lack of a better term — Facetime with friends in real time, as well as send an audio note, text or sticker. Snapchat is aiming to make the transition between differing modes of communication as seamless as possible.

Next, Snapchat introduces Auto-Advance Stories. This new feature allows you to quickly move from story to story, as the next one begins automatically when you finish looking at the current message. To skip ahead, simply swipe, and to exit, just pull down.

And on a more boring note, Snapchat has refreshed its Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in order to make things clearer and to detail new products that are on the way.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to update to the latest version of Snapchat so you can take advantage of each new featur

Got the drop on High Snobiety  . . .

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