Cash Money Clerical Error Ruins “Hotline Bling” Grammy Chances

Drake was already having a massive year by midsummer, but things we’re kicked up few more notches when he released “Hotline Bling.” The single immediately caught fire on radio, spending 5 weeks at number #2, his second single to ever reach such a feat. The record caught more steam when the wildly popular X directed video hit the web.

As the 2016 GRAMMY nominations were announced yesterday, music fans were perplexed when “Hotline Bling” did not snag any nods, even though Drizzy was nominated in 5 other categories including Best Rap Album for If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late and Best Rap Song for “Energy.” Let’s not forget that “Back To Back” was nominated for Best Rap Performance, the first ever “diss record” to achieve such an honor.

Today, more information is being revealed surrounding this snafu. Apparently, a Cash Money Records employee simply did not submit the song for consideration.

Hits Daily Double :

Drake’s massive “Hotline Bling” was not submitted, due to a clerical error on the part of label Cash Money. That huge hit might well have been a multiple-category contender but for this goof.

Must have been a rough time at the office that day.

Got the drop on The Source . . .

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