Jay Z and Oscar De La Hoya Make a $100K Bet On Cotto vs. Alvarez

Miguel Cotto will be fighting Canelo Alvarez next week in Vegas, and it’s in Jay-Z’s best interest if Cotto ends the match victoriously.

Not only is Cotto Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports client, but Jay-Z put up a whopping $100,000 against Oscar De La Hoya that says Cotto will win. If Cotto loses, Jay has to donate the $100,000 to the White Memorial Medical Center’s cancer unit. However, if Oscar’s client, Alvarez, comes out on top, Oscar has to cough up $100,000 towards Jay’s Shawn Carter Foundation.

Let’s get ready to rumble! The fight airs live on HBO pay-per-view from Las Vegas on November 21st.

Got the drop on The Source . . .

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