Bathing Ape x Jam Home Accessories Collection

Hip hop culture and style provider a Bathing Ape has teamed up for the second time this year with jewelry and accessory crafter Jam Home Made to develop a set of detailed silver items.  The pair of designers devised the Bape Logo Signet ring which prominently features an etched Bathing Ape head graphic and comes in a selection of gold, bronze or silver hues.  The collaborative effort at jewelry from two Japan based entities will not cease with the drop of the conspicuous Signet ring though, there are more accessories in the pipeline.  The two lifestyle brands have shifted their collaborative focus to outputting inventive jewelry with a bracelet, necklace, earrings and a number of wallet chains soon to be made available.  The accessory pieces collectively incorporate and represent the Bape brand’s fun and simultaneously striking aesthetic.  Whether your desire is a blacked out camouflage print chain wallet or a paperclip infused gold tinted bracelet, both emulate a Bathing Ape while representing Jam Home Made’s nifty design work.  

This limited group of ape logo rings will be made available on the JAM HOME MADE online store beginning November 13, with the rest of the accessory pieces pending release soon after.  Stay tuned for more news and info surrounding Bape x JHM.  

Got the drop on The Source . . .

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