Chris Webber To Teach Master’s Course At Wake Forest

Should we call him Professor Webber from now on? On Monday, the University of Wake Forest announced that Chris Webber will be teaching a course in their newly-created Master of Arts in Sports Storytelling program, starting in Fall 2016. The two-year program will focus on sports, race and society.

The course, which is linked to Wake Forest’s documentary film program, is expected to have speakers visit to talk about class, culture and race, according to the university’s press release. These discussions will be moderated by Webber.

In 2012, Webber joined forces with Peter Gilbert, producer of the 1994 documentary, “Hoop Dreams,��� to create the Webber Gilbert Media Group. “I’m excited to bring real-life experience to the program,” Webber said in a statement. “Sports are my passion and telling stories about sports is my new career.”

If you’re interested in attending this course, and how could you not be, the deadline is Jan. 15. You’re welcome.

Got the drop on Complex . . .

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