This Biggest loser’s Contestant Lost 135 Pounds

A former The Biggest Loser Australia contestant did something she never thought she would – she posted a bikini selfie to social media.

“Yes I know a shameless selfie … why?” Alison Braun wrote on FacebookMonday. “Because never did I think I would ever take a pic of me in a bikini in Bali!”

Braun, 42, has lost half her body weight and kept it off. A contestant on the show in 2008, she says her highest weight was at 122 kg or 269 lbs., and she now weighs 134 lbs. and is an ambassador for The Biggest Loser Club.

“I never wanted to come to Bali because at 122kg I never felt like I fitted in,” she wrote in her post. “I still can’t believe just how much life I missed out on.”

Got the drop on People . . .

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