Packer Ebbets Field Flannels Release “Fall Classic” Collection

New York City can trigger so many words of inspiration, but when talking about the sports realm, baseball is a pastime that is in the soul of NYC. As a result of the sport’s heavy influence, Packer has teamed up with Ebbets Field Flannels in order to release a special “Fall Classic” Collection. The stock consists of two jerseys and two caps that are both inspired by New York’s vintage baseball heritage. Gaining influence from the film Bang the Drum Slowly, the New York Mammoths “Away” set has a navy blue-based canvas with white pinstripes along with a matching adjustable hat. Meanwhile, the “All City” cap and jersey gets its direction from multiple New York teams with an off-white zip jersey and matching hat as well. Check out the “Fall Classic” Collection which is currently available via Packer’s online store.

Got the drop on Hypebeasts . . .

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