Pusha T Talks “King Push” Album And Praise From Dr. Dre and MC Ren

What was your initial reaction when you saw that they named you as one of their favorite MCs today?

It blew my mind, actually. I haven’t had any interaction with Dre, or Ren, ever. It’s ironic because I was super hyped when Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 [show] promo was [Pusha T song] “Numbers On The Board.” I was like, “Aw, Dre probably got some kid [to do the promo] — how else would Dr. Dre know about Pusha T?”

He’s such a huge figure, but to me, as far as my reach goes, he’s like a myth. You hear about him, you never see him — only on magazine covers. When something grandiose happens in the worlds of business or music, his name pops up. As far as me being a rapper, it just doesn’t happen, man. I was completely taken aback.

I wanted to be Ren for that movie, actually.

I saw that tweet!

Oh wow, I tweeted that?

Yeah, I came across it while I was researching. 

Listen — I so wanted to be Ren for the movie, and I’m so glad I tweeted that! Me tweeting sometimes, it’s like, I don’t even remember what I say. It’s just coming off how it’s coming off. Man, I’m so glad I tweeted that.

I think Ren actually saw it — he talked about it in an interview from last year.

Oh man, ok, dope! It was just great on both ends for me, in regards to Dre and Ren saying what they said about me. It’s like the ultimate — ultimate rap reward.

Why would you want to play Ren, over the other members of N.W.A?

To me, Ren and N.W.A — I believe Ren wanted to fight me. That was what he gave off. His verses, his demeanor. His demeanor was like, “Yo, Imma hurt you, and I’m not playing any games.” It wasn’t over-the-top loud. It was just one of a person who, I felt like, didn’t play any games. I felt like I could’ve done that.

How has N.W.A influenced your music, and your career?

I would have to say the outspokenness. N.W.A said any and every thing that they wanted to. They said it first, they catered to the underground, they catered to the street, they catered directly to those going through exactly what they were going through at the time.

They just let everyone else in the world catch on, and turn it into a phenomenon. I looked at that, and relating it to my music, that’s always been the criteria. No holds barred. Like, why? Why do I have to censor anything I say? Did you see Eazy-E? Did you see Ice Cube? Did you hear what they said? They made it so I didn’t have to.

They fought the government, they fought politicians, they did everything — before I even got a chance. As a matter of fact, they won! They fought and they won, so I didn’t even have to go through that nonsense.

Want to read more? Got the drop on Billboard . . .

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