Starting February 8th You Can Try Samsung’s Gear VR At Best Buy

To give you a taste of phone-generated virtual reality, Best Buy has partnered with Samsung for a series of ”Samsung Experience Shops” to bring sample units of the Gear VR headset into its retail stores for shoppers to experience. Beginning today, the Gear VR will be available for try-ons in 100 Best Buy stores in the U.S. where staff will give a quick tour and demo of the gadget. However, potential buyers will still have to go to the Best Buy website to buy the device. Developed to be used with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 phablet, the Gear VR uses technology from the Oculus Rift to create an accessible virtual reality experience. If you live near a Best Buy, make sure to drop by, but meanwhile, the headset can be bought here for $200 USD.

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