Snapchat Hacks For Those That Are Hooked!

The one thing even more frustrating than receiving landscape-oriented snaps from a friend (come on fam, are you using a Sidekick?), is the fact that Snapchat has a ton of fun features, and no real instruction manual. Snapchat users have been forced to figure out the app’s ins and outs by themselves, and by creatively tweaking some of Snapchat’s basic functions, there are several fun and original ways to spice up your Snaps.

If you know of any Snapchat hacks that we missed, head to the comments below to let us know.

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Secret Pen Colors

To access secret pen colors, tap and hold the rainbow slider then drag your finger to various corners of your phone’s screen, this will allow you to discover shades like black, white and pink — all of which are not visible on the pen tool.

Double Filters

Once you’ve taken your picture and swiped to select a filter or location stamp, hold one finger down on the screen, and use a second finger to continue swiping. This will allow you to mix and match photo filters with the temperature or speedometer displays.

Create Your Own Filters Using Emojis

A word to the wise, you can actually use emojis to create colored filters. Simply take a photo, then add an emoji, and pinch to zoom in. Avoid centering the emoji, but use the very edges of the image to create a colored filter over your picture. Try this with the watermelon for a green filter, the eggplant for a purple filter and so on.

Use Emojis as Stencils to Create Realistic Drawings

Let’s be honest, sketching Snapchat masterpieces with your finger is a bit clumsy unless you’re using an iPad. Using a stylus makes your drawings a bit sharper, but if you really want to add realistic drawings to your Snapchat, use emojis as a stencil. First select an emoji an add it to your Snap, then trace over it to trick your followers into thinking you’re a Snapchat da Vinci.

Save Messages in Chat

In the Chat screen, if you hold your finger down on a message, Snapchat will add it to your Chat archive. All you need to do to see your archived messages is scroll up in the conversation.

Take Secret Screenshots

It’s been said that there is a way to screenshot Snapchats without the sender knowing, so we tried in office, and results varied. But try it out for yourself. First, turn on airplane mode, second open the Snap, third take your screenshot, and lastly close the app before you switch airplane mode off.

You should be able to take screenshots without the sender knowing but in our experience, once you switch airplane mode off, the sender will be notified that you’ve taken a screenshot.

Send Money

U.S. users can link debit card information to Snapchat, then use the Snapcash function to instantly send money to users added to your friends list. Simply type in the amount like “$5,” and the recipient will get a message that your Snapcash is waiting for them.

Edit Your Friends’ Snapchat Names

Certain accounts, including celebrity users, often choose obscure handles to use on Snapchat. We’re looking at you kylizzlemynizzl. To easily keep track of who you’re snapping, simply click access your “Chat” page, then hold down on a user name, click the settings tog, then click “Edit Name.”

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