Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Travel May Actually Be Unimpressive. See Why . . .

Ever since Elon Musk detailed plans for the high-speed Hyperloop back in 2013, virtually everyone has been understandably stoked on the prospect of traveling at 760 mph from the likes of San Francisco to Los Angeles in as little as 30 minutes. It’s safe to say though that the travel won’t be all it’s cracked up to be if the passenger cars end up anything like the interior concepts Hyperloop Transportation Technologies unveiled yesterday.

Posted by The Verge and rightfully blasted by Jalopnik, the concepts include just about everything that’s currently wrong with air travel. Cramped seats are inexplicably bisected with a divider instead of an arm rest, they aren’t adjustable and look to be made even more uncomfortable by the way the wall digs into the side of each window seat — for whatever reason, putting an armrest there, of all places, was thought to be a good idea. Also, if you think the seats are cramped, just look at the aisle. And don’t even think about distracting yourself with any kind of on-board entertainment — there’s none to speak of. Also: where do your bags go?

Granted, these are just concepts, but if the real thing ends up being even remotely similar to the preliminary designs, then it’s safe to say travelers won’t exactly be flocking to the speedy rail system.

Here’s to hoping the final product is something closer to the interiors Argodesign revealed last summer.

Got the drop on Hypebeast . . .

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