BET CEO Debra Lee Is Twitter’s New Board Member

Lee has been apart of the BET team for twenty years since she joined BET in 1986 as Vice President of legal affairs and general counsel. Continuing to climb the ladder, Lee has served as the corporate secretary, president, and publisher of BET’s publishing division.

In 1996, Lee became the Chief Operating Officer of BET. Nine years later in 2005, Lee was promoted to Chief Executive Officer of BET in which she transformed the culture of the network to become more family oriented by adding more original content, as well as adding a sister network, CENTRIC, which is geared specifically toward celebrating the African American woman.

In witnessing all of the progressive changes Lee made with the BET Network it will be exciting to see how her valued insight on the African American culture as a whole will add to the enhancement of diversity involving Twitter, in which has been overly criticized for the lack thereof. According to a statement by Twitter, Lee is also now the Chair for Twitter’s Nominating/Governance Committee. Congratulations to Debra Lee. We wish her continued success as she continues to prove why she is one of the most powerful women in entertainment today.

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