PINTRILL Opens Flagship Shop in Brooklyn

In its two years of existence, PINTRILL has established itself as a go-to brand for witty pins and accessories. The brand’s catalogue features homages to vintage mementos of the past as well as of-the-moment pop culture hilarities, like these DJ Khaled pins. Now, the company has announced the grand opening of their first ever physical storefront, located in the heart of Brooklyn.

The store will sell a rotating showcase of items, though the brand’s collection pins and an assortment of vintage pins will be on permanent display. The new storefront will also serve as a platform for PINTRILL’s continued collaboration with Levi’s, offering personalized classes to hone the craft of pin customization.

The PINTRILL store will be officially open for business on Saturday, May 7, though you can of course still shop online.

PINTRILL Flagship Store
231 Grand St.
Brooklyn, New York 11211

Got the drop on High Snobiety . . .

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