Hulu Is Planning to Launch A Cable-esque Online TV Service

Hulu is looking to compete in more than one medium of TV. The on-demand streaming service which currently offers replays of current TV shows is gearing up to launch a new Internet TV service that would go toe-to-toe with traditional pay-TV providers such as Comcast.

Hulu’s cable-like Internet TV service would enable subscribers to watch live streams from major broadcast networks including Fox, ABC, and ESPN. The subscription service would also likely offer an online DVR to let users watch shows on their own time. According to analysts, the service would probably be priced at somewhere around $40 per month.

Aside from traditional cable providers, Hulu’s Internet TV service would also have competition from similar services such as PlayStation Vue and Dish’s Sling TV. However, Hulu’s current on-demand streaming service has already built up plenty of brand recognition – along with 9 million subscribers – giving it a significant leg up on other similar platforms. Additionally, Hulu also has the advantage of being owned by Disney and Fox, two corporations with a multitude of TV channels under their purview.

Hulu’s Internet TV service is expected to launch as early as Q1 next year.

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