Pictar iPhone Case Grip Transforms iPhone into a Point and Shoot Camera

Take full advantage of your iPhone’s impressive camera with the Pictar iPhone camera grip. The device is a case that turns your phone into a point-and-shoot, offering dual-stage shutter release that lets you lock focus and exposure similar to an SLR. It also includes a wheel for controlling exposure compensation, zoom, ISO and shutter speed. Of course, the case also features a toggle for the selfie camera and a strap in case of drops. The device doesn’t stop at that though, it includes a cold shoe for external mics, flashes and even a standard tripod mount. If you’re worried about having another device to charge, you’ll be pleased to hear that it uses high-frequency sound waves of 18500-20000 kHz to operate, making its battery life last for months. Head over to its Kickstarter page now to support.

Got the drop on Hypebeast . . .

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