The Guggenheim is Adding A Golden Toilet to It’s Collection

New York’s Guggenheim Museum has always been among the more forward-thinking of contemporary art museums. The past several years have seen everything from a blockbuster James Turrell exhibition to Grimes’s album launch concert. But they may have just outdone themselves with an upcoming installation of a solid gold, fully-functional toilet.

But the 18-karat waste dispensary is serving more than just an aesthetic purpose, as it marks the return of world-famous artist Maurizio Cattelan from a self-imposed retirement. He did indeed have to clarify in a recent interview that he doesn’t “see it as a joke,” despite the objective reality that museum patrons will soon be defecating in an art piece he has titled Maurizio Cattelan: America.

The work will be installed right beside the museum’s other stalls, though the Guggenheim has prepared for the need of a guard to maintain an orderly queue. It will be open to the public beginning in May, subsequently proving that in the art world, one does indeed shit where one eats.

In other art world news, read how Andy Warhol’s work will soon be used by Supreme.

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