Supreme Pays Homage to Muhammad Ali As Shot By Andy Warhol

Initially known as Cassius Clay Jr. back in the day, Muhammad Ali managed to take the boxing world by storm by outworking his opponents via his physical prowess and mentally through his witty way with words. Going down as arguably the best boxer in the history of the sport, Ali also was also known for fighting for what he truly believed in within categories of religion, politics and racial justice. As a result of refusing to fight in the Vietnam war, Ali was stripped of his title, passport and ability to fight in the United States.

During Ali’s reign as “The Greatest” pop art artist Andy Warhol crossed paths as Warhol would use Ali as a subject within his Athlete Polaroid Series. With the boxer being known for his high energy and outspoken character, Warhol managed to capture the rarity of Ali in a calm mood of reflection.

For spring, Supreme has joined forces with the man we know who can “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” as well as the Andy Warhol Foundation in order to deliver unforgettable visuals with a hooded sweatshirt and short sleeve t-shirt as the canvases. The range will be available alongside four new graphic tees including the classic motion logo design.

You can expect this drop to release in-store at Supreme’s NY, LA, London and Paris locations on April 21 with a Japan release to follow on April 23.

Got the drop on Hypebeast . . .

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