Drake and Future Sales Spike Up 430%

Taylor Swift’s big fall helped Drake and Future’s sales jump. In fact, the Apple Music commercial featuring the pop star running (and plummeting) to the tune of “Jumpman” helped the track’s sales rise 431 percent globally, according to AdWeek.

Apple Music has benefited in even more ways. Their #GymFlow playlist, featured in the “Taylor vs. Treadmill” spot, grew 325 percent, and it is now the No. 5 playlist of the week.

Larry Jackson, Apple Music’s head of content, told AdWeek that social media was a driving force behind the spot. “To really get an idea that was simple, informative and funny with hooks is really like writing a song,” said Jackson. “With an artist that’s got 73 million followers on Instagram, that’s bigger than NBC, CBS, and Fox and the viewership of prime time combined.”

Looks like that worked. After debuting on Swift’s social platforms, the commercial was reportedly viewed on Facebook and Instagram more than 20 million times and it’s earned more than 66,960 retweets and 119,000 likes.

Two more Swift ads are planned to follow the “Jumpman” spot. Then, Taylor will join other stars as part of a bigger Apple Music campaign.

“It’s going to be an assault and a barrage of stuff that you’ll see over the next couple of months,” added Jackson.

Got the drop on Rap Up . . .

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