TIDAL Hits 3 Million Subscribers

Almost exactly one year after JAY Z and his celebrity posse took over hi-fi music streaming service TIDAL, the company has announced that it has hit the three million subscriber mark. A notable milestone, but TIDAL no doubt trails competitors Spotify and Apple Music by a wide margin — Spotify reached three million six months after its U.S. debut, while Apple Music reached 11 million trial users in its first six weeks. They now stand at 30 million and 10 million users respectively. Meanwhile, TIDAL also revealed that 45 percent of its subscriber base pay for the $20 USD HiFi plan, which shows that there is indeed a market demand for high-quality audio.

Differentiating itself with lossless audio quality and exclusive releases from the biggest names in music, TIDAL had high ambitions from the beginning but has encountered no shortage of troubles, including a revolving door of high-level executives over the last year. However, with the likes of Kanye and Rihanna releasing their new material on the service first before any other, TIDAL may yet be able to carve out a niche for itself as the dust begins to settle from the streaming wars of last year.

Got the drop on Hypebeast . . .

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