Explore the “Batman v Superman” Cave With Google Street View

The official Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeFacebook page has invited fans to “explore Bruce Wayne’s (Ben Affleck) residence and more” using Google Street View. Though Bruce Wayne’s swanky house is rather minimalist compared to Tony Montana’s lavish Scarface mansion, it’s what’s under the house that really matters.

The real-life Batfleck residence is located just outside of Detroit. Unlike any Wayne Manor we’ve seen in previous Batman films, the latest onscreen iteration of billionaire Bruce Wayne’s home is so discrete that it can’t even be seen from the nearby road. Luckily, Google Street View saves us the trouble of having to search the grounds.

The virtual tour of Bruce Wayne’s crib starts on the main level. From the furniture to the artifacts and lakeside views, Batfleck’s living quarters seem pretty normal. When you click the arrow to leave the living room however, you’re suddenly transported to the brand-new Batcave. The Dark Knight’s subterranean lair is a multilevel headquarters that has all the gizmos and gadgets he requires to be an effective crime fighter. In addition to the iconic Batmobile and a weapons cache, visitors can get a good look at Batman’s tech lab which houses the Batcomputer and the armored Batsuit that Bruce Wayne wears in Dawn of Justice. The Batcave also drives home the dark tone of the film with a glass-encased Robin suit that’s been tagged by none other than The Joker.

Check out some images of the Batcave below and then take the tour yourself via Google Street View. If you haven’t already, check out STASHED Batman v Superman review.

Got the drop on The Stashed . . .

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