Man Pays Uncle $100 A Day To Camp Out For Don C Air Jordan 2 “Beach” Kicks

The “Don C x Air Jordan II” is easily one of the most anticipated sneaker releases of the year, and some people are going to extreme measures to try to get their hands on pairs. While copping a single pair to wear would be enough for most fans, one man in Chicago won’t be satisfied unless he can get multiple pairs of Don C’s latest collaboration. The Chicago Tribune reports that Vaughn Simmons is one of the people camped out in line at the 32 South State St Jordan Brand store, and is even paying his uncle to wait alongside him so he can have a pair to resell.

Simmons recruited his 58-year-old uncle Lavonne Simmons by paying him $100 a day, in hopes of cashing out on the resell market. “They’re going to go online and triple their money. These shoes are going to sell for $2,100 or $2,000 easy. And that’s a good investment,” said Simmons. With resell prices sure to be in the thousands, it looks like Simmons giving his uncle a few hundred dollars will more than pay for itself when he flips the extra pair.

Got the drop on Complex . . .

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