Nike Brings Back An 80s Retro That Was Their Answer to The Reebok Pump

Back in 1989, Reebok seemed to have a genuine hit on its hands with the introduction of its Pump technology, and Nike higher-ups felt threatened enough that they resorted to a rare strategy: they emulated a competitor. Enter the Nike Air Pressure, a futuristic basketball sneaker designed by Tinker Hatfield. Its main feature was pump technology that allowed wearers to customize the fit on an experimental silhouette. Even more innovative than the shoe itself was the unique carrying case, a translucent box that housed the inflating kit. The Nike Air Pressure, complete with the cooler-like case, is being re-released for the first time since its original launch. Look for it to hit select Nike retailers beginning January 14.

Release Date: 1/14/16 (Thursday)

Got the drop on Freshness Mag . . .

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