Ty Dolla Sign Has An Essay Featured In The Art Book “Feelings : Soft Art”

A new art book titled Feelings: Soft Art was published by Skira/Rizzoli that’s “focused on material qualities and the feelings evoked by a work.” The book features contributions from all types of artists, one of those being Ty Dolla Sign. The hip-hop artist penned an essay inspired by Gerhard Richter’s 1970 painting “Clouds” on the concept of softness. The piece is called “On All the Soft Good Things” and can be read in its entirety below. Check out what Ty Dolla Sign had to say.
The softest thing I’ve ever heard are the wind chimes in my backyard. They are soft and cool and mellow.

As a producer, when I’m trying to make something soft, I start with a slow tempo. Then after that, it would be straight to acoustic guitar and vocals, or I’m going to go strings and just piano. Something real chill without the drums. Piano feels soft. Violins and all different string instruments feel soft. Guitar, even electric guitar before you start adding distortion, that you can play soft. Even drums — anything as long as you touch it softly. As a singer, it’s just that you have to approach it really nonaggressively. Like a slow build.

I used to go to the Church of the Harvest, right off Adams and La Brea. There was a pastor there who had the best big choir and the best band. He would start praying and the music would start playing and just make people feel so good, you
could break out of whatever you were going through. Soft music can have that effect, too. When I look up in the sky and I look at clouds, they look soft to me. I always wish I could just touch one. But I guess when the fog comes down, you are touching one.


Got the drop on XXL . . .

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