Beyonce and The First Family Send Special Gifts To Burn VIctim Sayfre Terry

It was a Christmas to remember for Safyre Terry this year as she was gifted a special gift from Beyonce and the First Family.

Terry, 8, was the only survivor in a severe house fire in Schenectady, N.Y. in May 2013. During the fire, Safyre lost her father and three siblings along with suffering from 75% burns on her body and the loss of her right hand. She is now under the care of her aunt Liz Dolder.

Earlier this month, Liz posted on Safyre Schenectady’s Super Survivor page on Facebook Safyre wanted cards to hang up on their Christmas Card tree. The post went viral with over 430,000 cards being sent to their P.O box. The messaged reach Beyonce as her camp reached out to Safyre’s aunt telling them to be on the look out for a package from the singer. Bey’s card said, “To My Survivor Safyre! You are such an incredible inspiration. Have a beautiful holiday.”

President and Michelle Obama also granted Terry’s Christmas wish. She also received a handwritten personalized card from the First Family.

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