Drake and Boston Celtics’ David Lee Invests In Same Tech Start Up

Drake is expanding his empire. The OVO boss has taken over the rap game, but he’s not settled with limiting his success to the music industry. Drake got involved in the restaurant business earlier this year and now he’s jumping into the tech world. Drake is become a major investor in a new app called Omni.

TMZ reports that Drake met the app’s founder Thomas McLeod through a mutual business partner and the two hit it off as they are both sneaker heads. When McLeod told Drake about his plans for Omni, Drake wanted to get involved. McLeod told TMZ that Drake will be much more than an investor as the rapper will be involved in the creative process.

According to Omni’s site, the app lets you organize and retrieve your belongings from storage, item by item, without ever visiting a storage facility. Omni offers pickup and delivery to your door so that you do not have clutter in your life. The Omni team unpacks, photographs and catalogs all of the user’s belongings before putting them into storage. Images of each items and information are then uploaded to the user’s Omni account for easy identification and retrieval.

Drake is not the only investor backing Omni though. Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and Boston Celtics forward David Lee are also backing the tech startup.

Got the drop on XXL . . .

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