Lebron Signs Lifetime Deal With Nike

How much does Nike value its relationship with superstar NBA athlete LeBron James? Enough that the Swoosh has signed the four-time MVP to an unprecedented liftetime deal, believed to be the first of its kind for Nike. (It’s generally assumed that Michael Jordan has something of a de facto agreement for life with the sportswear giant.) Terms of the agreement weren’t revealed, but sports agent David Falk, who represented Jordan for most of his playing career, estimates its value at $400 million to $500 million. Nike signed King James right out of high school in 2003, with his first contract worth $90 million and spanning seven years, followed by a nine-year extension in 2010. Nike has now made 13 iterations of James’ signature shoe, and annual sales in 2015 for his line are estimated at over $400 million.

Got the drop on Freshness Mag . . .

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