Latino Activist Willing To Pony Up $5k to Anyone Willing to Interupt Donald Trump on SNL

NBC has to be getting just a little bit nervous now that the Latino activist has offered up $5,000 to any audience member who disruptsDonald Trump when he hosts Saturday Night Live this week.

Tickets to the live sketch show are given away for free in a weekly lottery, so that’s 100 percent profit to whoever has the nerve to interrupt a 40-year-old American television institution during what’s sure to be its highest rated episode this season.

CNN reports that the group has two rules for whoever claims the bounty: they have to be identified by name in the media and they have to be clearly heard on-air during the live broadcast saying “Trump is a racist,” or “deport racism.”┬áIf several people achieve the goal, they’ll split the money between them, the group said.

Got the drop on Complex . . .

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