MTV’s Latest Reality Show Installment, “The Challenge”, Ups The Ante

MTV’s hysterically absburd, loveable reality show is coming back with its seemingly most insane season to date. If you’ve been paying attention to the network’s handling of The Challenge and The Real World, then you’ve probably noticed that MTV has taken great strides to up the quality and keep its material relateable to both younger audiences and loyal fans. Last season’s The Real World: Skeletonsand The Challenge: Battle of the Exes were pure gold and a strong indication that there’s no end in sight for either show.

Earlier today, MTV released the trailer for its 27th season of The ChallengeBattle of the Bloodlines. The new season pairs career challengers with their brothers, sisters, cousins, etc. And since most of these people have already embarrassed themselves enough for several lifetimes, MTV figured it would be a great experience to share with the family. I’m personally rooting for The Challenge: Generationsnext, which forces challengers and parents to compete. Man, scary hours at the challenge house would get super spooky.

Anyway, the new season will feature series’ regulars Cara Maria, Johnny Bananas, Nany, Abram and Leroy as well as a curious pairing of CT and Diem’s sister. Ah MTV, your shamelessness knows no bounds.

Battle of the Bloodlines premieres December 2. Check out the trailer up top.

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