Who knew the NFL was registered as a Not For Profit Org? And That They Were Lending Millions To Execs?

The National Football League is still registered as a not for profit foundation. That’s why we can tell you this: their incredible finances are available online.

According to the NFL’s Form 990 filed for 2014, the organization made huge personal loans to two different senior executives in 2013. One was for $2 million. The other was for $500,000, which looks like it was repaid. According to the form, a quarter of the $2 million loan has been paid back. Outstanding still is $1.5 million.

Which executives needed such big loans? And wow, by the way– what a great life these people are living. All the top NFL execs already make millions and millions in salary and bonuses, starting with Roger Goodell, who made $35 million in 2013. See the chart below. Waiting now for a response from the NFL.

Got the drop on Showbizz411 . . .

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