Behind The Scenes Of “The Simpsons”: Steps To Create An Episode

With its 27th season underway, the milestones reached by animated prime-time show The Simpsons is immeasurable. The drawing and fluidity has improved over time, but the steps involved from episode one to 579 are as complex and involving as always, with production going from writers and directors in America to the animators in South Korea. The Verge has just posted a comprehensive dissertation on all the stages that must be considered and taken for a single episode of the 21-24 minute show to air with the quality it’s been known for all these years. Check out the extensive interview with showrunner Al Jean that lists the steps beginning with a simple idea pitch to a draft and storyboards, to planning, printing and ultimately its airing.

Rumors have been flying about a possible end in sight for the longest running sitcom in historyonce it hits its 30th season, but in the meantime be sure to watch The Simpsons episode 579 “Treehouse of Horror XXVI” set to air October 25 at 8/7c on FOX.

Got the drop on HB . . .

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