Two New Women Accuse Bill Cosby

At a press conference called by attorney Gloria Allred on Friday, two more women have spoken out to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. An actress, identifying herself only as Dottye, says Cosby raped her when she auditioned for a spot on The Cosby Showin 1984. Dottye claims the comedian invited her to a private audition at his New York City residence, insisted she have a drink, then spun her around until she got sick. “Things got foggy thereafter, but I do know he took my clothes off and put them in his washing machine,” she says. “I don’t remember too much of the shower, or walking back down the steps back to the second floor.” Dottye says that after the shower Cosby pressed her against a wall, then “raised the robe and raped me.” She says the alleged assault continued in the dining room. The next day, Dottye says Cosby called her for phone sex and invited her to a taping of the show, which she attended without telling anyone about the assault.

Another woman, Donna Barrett, says Cosby sexually assaulted her at a track meet at the University of Pennsylvania she was officiating in April 2004. Barrett says Cosby grabbed her from behind, called out, “Hey, back that thing up here girl, back it on up!” and forced his “private parts” on her before running away. “He had me locked down against his body without my consent or desire,” she says. Barrett says she told officials what happened, “but no one knew what to do.”

Earlier this week, Cosby fired his longtime lawyer, Marty Singer, who had been representing him in two of his sexual-abuse lawsuits. On Monday,Vulture reported that Amherst College had become the latest college to rescind Cosby’s honorary degree. With the addition of Dottye and Barrett, the total of women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault now stands close to 60.

Got the drop on Vulture . . .

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