Jill Scott To Award Scholarships For Writing

The Soul Train Awards is set to air on November 29th, 2015 and they have announced some exciting news. Erykah Badu will be hosting this years awards. Badu has been taking over the DJ scene recently so it’s exciting to see what she will have up her sleeve during the awards show.

Not only will Badu be hosting but this year Jill Scott will be honored at the awards. Scott’s music has been very influential to R&B and we are excited that she is being honored.

Scott and amazing artist she also wants to help others too. The singer announced that she wants, “To be able to give inner-city students the opportunity to receive a scholarship and pursue a career in writing is phenomenal”. In an effort to do so she has partnered with Hallmark alongside her non-profit Blues Babes to establish a national, merit-based scholarship for African American college students who yearn to pursue a career in the writing arts.

The two winning applicants  will each be awarded  a $10,000 scholarship. Not only will they receive a scholarship they will be invited to the Hallmark’s headquarters for a workshop during summer of 2016.

Jill Scott is truly being as honorable as she knows how and we love it! We can’t wait to see who the two lucky recipients are.

Check out the link below for more information on the scholarship!

Got the drop on Living Civil. . .

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