Father and Son Took The Same Picture For 30 Years Straight

For 30 years, Tian Jun and his son Tian Li have taken the same photo. Li was born in 1986 in China’s southwestern Guizhou Province. To celebrate Li’s birth, Jun posed with his son in front of a wall outside their home. It would become an annual tradition for the two.

But there was a single year the two couldn’t take a photo, 2014, because Li was in the United States welcoming his own son, Timothy. The photo they took after little Timothy was born, back in the same spot in their Guizhou Province home, is truly touching.

Check out the slideshow below to see the amazing transformation through the years.

Jun originally started the project simply because he thought the idea would be interesting, but for Li, who would grow up to be a Chinese film director, he considers the series of photos to be an artistic expression.

“Time itself is a form of art. This is the power of time.”

Got the drop on Daily Dish . . .

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