Bushwick Bill Fundraising For A “Geto Boy” Documentary

To say Bushwick Bill has had an interesting career would be an insult to the word interesting.

Despite, or maybe because of, his size he’s never backed down from a challenge, and that’s made for books worth of fascinating stories. Of course, the most infamous story of them is a result of his girlfriend shooting him in the right eye in 1991, resulting in the Geto Boys’ We Can’t Be Stopped album cover.

Many hip-hop fans know very little (pun not intended) about Bushwick’s life and career, if they know him at all, so the rapper is turning to Indiegogo in hopes of crowd-funding his upcoming documentary, Bushwick Bill: Geto Boy. After Scarface told his life story in an autobiography earlier this year, this sounds like it’s going to be worth the watch when it comes out.

A teaser video focuses on the controversy that made him the hip-hop legend he is today. From Geffen not wanting to distribute a Geto Boys album to the re-telling of the night he got shot, it’s all there, and it’s just the tip of the Bushwick iceberg. There’s much more he probably hasn’t shared to the world yet.

The different pledge tiers range from five dollars up to $15,000. Some of the rewards include a social media shout-out, an autographed photo, joining Bill for happy hour, and even going trick-or-treating on Halloween 2016 (you get the reference, right?). What a legendary experience that would be.

Would Bushwick dress up in costume? If I add an extra $1,000, can I make him an Evok? Frankly, even the craziest idea I could come up with wouldn’t touch what’s going on inside Bill’s own mind. I would need to make a documentary based on this one night to remember it all. I’d turn to Indiegogo to fund that, then start the cycle again. “For $10,000, trick-or-treat with the man who trick-or-treated with Bushwick Bill.”

In all seriousness, Bill has 11 days left to reach his goal of $50,000. He’s only reached about 27% of that thus far, so if you’re interested in seeing Bushwick’s documentary, you can contribute here. Regardless, make sure you’ve got yourself properly schooled on the rich history of Bill and the Geto Boys. We promise, there’s enough “interesting” stories to fill seven documentaries.

Got the drop on DJBooth . . .

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