Snowy Adidas Collab Released Today!

Japan’s own White Mountaineering always comes correct in the collaborative department, but instead of making their mark through the use of high-concept ideas and vibrant aesthetics, their thought process is a little different than most. They just want to set off and make a good looking sneaker. That isn’t to say that their latest adidas Originals teaming up isn’t that, but it will be hard to remember this camouflaged adidas ZX Flux thanks to how subtle the two pairs are. White Mountaineering takes one of adidas’ most celebrated sneakers of the past year and a half and drapes it in a German-era military print with tonal shades of either greyscale or a darker black. The ZX outsole retains a clean white on both pairs while the three stripes and heel cage blend in rather flawlessly. What results is a pair that leaves no discernible traits of a collaborative effort but is still effective in ushering us into the colder seasons ahead. Similar to those “Snow Camo” Huaraches from not too far back, this ZX Flux will be easy to rock on an everyday basis and comes with the added bonus of being ‘worldly’ thanks to the collaborative kudos. Check out a better view of the two ZX Flux pairs below and know that you can grab them from select retailers this Saturday.

Got the drop on SneakerNews . . .

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