Dr. Dre’s Son, Curtis Young, To Play Him In The Dogg Pound Movie

As the son of one of the greatest hip-hop figures to grace the earth, one would assume that Curtis Young, Dr. Dre’s 33-year-old son, was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. But that’s not the case. Unlike many in his circumstances, the aspiring rapper opts not to rely on his dad’s cash nor rolodex in his quest for stardom. Although he sometimes seeks Dre out for advice, the younger Young’s sole purpose is to achieve on his own.

The MC recently was in the news in light of the Straight Outta Compton biopic which chronicled his father, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, DJ Yella and MC Ren’s rise to fame as part of N.W.A. As talks of a sequel spread with mentions of Curtis portraying his father, Young, the spitting image of Dr. Dre, was in headlines nationwide. The forthcoming film, which is not a sequel but a film that will be based around the creation of Tha Dogg Pound and their stay at Death Row Records, was then backed by Daz Dillinger, while rumors of 50 Cent’s involvement in producing the film began to catch fire, leading many to believe the film was indeed on the way.

XXL recently caught up with Curtis Young to confirm the next hip-hop biopic on the way, hear his thoughts on Straight Outta Compton and talk about portraying his father, who he didn’t meet until he was 20 years old.

Got the drop on XXL . . .

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