Deranged Individual Shot Outside of WWE Event

The WWE has responded after a man was wounded by police while trying to gain entry to the company’s Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, on Monday. “Unfortunately a deranged individual with no WWE affiliation, who had a court order prohibiting him from being on WWE property, was involved in an incident with an Orange County Sherriff’s deputy in the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center,” a spokesperson for the company said in a statement to TheWrap. “We defer to the Orange County Sherriff’s department for further comment and information.” The man was identified as Armando Alejandro Montalvo, whom WWE took out a restraining order against earlier this month. He has a history of bizarre incidents with the WWE, all in an attempt to get hired by the company. –

He recently posted a video of himself mixing human waste and milk in a bucket, which he then spread on the outside walls of the Performance Center.Police were called when he arrived at the Performance Center on Monday.

The confrontation turned violent, and Montalvo was wounded but not killed, according to TMZ.

The Performance Center serves as the official training school for potential WWE wrestlers. The facility also serves as the training center for NXT, WWE’s developmental territory. It opened in 2013.

Got the drop on The Wrap . . .

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